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Fidelia & Co., established in 2006, we are an international bespoke art and visual communications consultancy headquartered in London. Through our diverse portfolio of artists, clients are able to commission bespoke artwork to suit any space and to fill any purpose. Our clients stem from all over the world and range from large international hotel and leisure groups, blue-chip companies and government bodies, restaurants, health clubs, residential estates to alternative investors and yacht owners.

With a focus on canvas art, prints, photography, mirrors, sculpture, furniture & lighting, our philosophy is that art is not just there to represent the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance and intrinsic value.

With a portfolio consisting of hundreds of international artists, manufacturers and design professionals we are able to create and deliver a fully integrated solution. The bespoke artwork solution is further backed by a communications and public relations consultancy, which serves to build clients an image that corresponds with the commissioned artwork.


Fidelia invites artists to apply to be considered for our commissining process. Participating artists will be chosen by our Talent Committee, whose members are deeply experienced in identifying emerging and mid-career artists. The Talent Committee retains final control over the inclusion of all applicants.

The exceptional designers, artists, light specialists and furniture manufacturers we have access to make us who we are. Our archive is robust, unparalleled and boosts of over 2000 creatives, but continuously we keep an eye on and explore existing specialists and the gifted to ensure we keep abreast of the on-goings within each market.

There is no cost for joining our register of artists. If the work is appropriate, we normally ask that you submit digital images for our consideration. Please submit your work by following the directions as seen below.






Description of Work (Work title, Mediums used, Size & Weight (height/width/weight in cm/kilos), the Date and your Location).

In submitting this document I acknowledge that all images submitted were created by myself and are mine to distribute. I grant Fidelia permission to add its logo to all images and to display all images on Fidelia Media titles and Exhibitor sites.


To make things even easier for you, we currently have 3 additional methods for delivering your work, please pick the option that best suits you.

1. Email us digital images (this should be no larger than 8MB per email)
2. Send us an email with your website address as a link portraying your work
3. Send by post a CD/DVD of imagery to Fidelia's head office address.

Please also include CV in either word or pdf format. Filenames must contain the following; Artist name, Work title, Mediums used, Size & Weight (height/width/weight in cm/kilos), the Date and your Location. All images should PC compatible JPEGs with a minimum resolution of 200dpi.

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