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Fidelia & Co., established in 2006, we are an international bespoke art and visual communications consultancy headquartered in London. Through our diverse portfolio of artists, clients are able to commission bespoke artwork to suit any space and to fill any purpose. Our clients stem from all over the world and range from large international hotel and leisure groups, blue-chip companies and government bodies, restaurants, health clubs, residential estates to alternative investors and yacht owners.

With a focus on canvas art, prints, photography, mirrors, sculpture, furniture & lighting, our philosophy is that art is not just there to represent the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance and intrinsic value.

With a portfolio consisting of hundreds of international artists, manufacturers and design professionals we are able to create and deliver a fully integrated solution. The bespoke artwork solution is further backed by a communications and public relations consultancy, which serves to build clients an image that corresponds with the commissioned artwork.

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At Fidelia we strongly believe that two hands are better than one and have from conception sought to create a network of professionals that can truly offer our clients the world.

We work with a broad range of partners and stakeholders in both the public and private sectors and are continuously growing our circle of friends.

Our openness and dedication to each project has made it possible for our partners to work on a symbiotic basis with us, building relationships that allow for mutual gain. Our allies include but are not limited to professionals from the corporate, hotel and leisure, property, construction and lifestyle sectors.

Our partners are part of a network of friends who have grown together over the years and as such we have come to understand and know each others businesses as if they were our own. This has strengthened any offering we have been able to present to our clients and has ensured our clients receive a joint service that is unmatched in the market place.

If you are interested in joining us in partnership, please contact us by clicking here and a representative will respond to you shortly.

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